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on the united states, for sure we should have cancelled his visa instead of saying, well, we'll look at his visa again after it's expired. because the results of that was 300 people on the plane almost expired. so this is a very big wake-up call. and the first place we should wake up is to toss out the views of the so-called privacy advocates who have been hangin' around the fringes of this question for the last five years, a body scan with the technology today doesn't invade anybody's privacy. you can't tell whether it's a man or a woman. >> but yet it's these privacy groups, governor, that still make a big deal of it. we're just getting word that the minneapolis airport. more on that. we'll let you know but it's on the heels of this disruption in newark a couple days ago. but what keeps happening here? >> the congress needs to stand up to these folks and say, hey, mandatory patdowns are a bigger invasion of privacy than the body scan. i would hope that the president of the united states tells people today that there will be mandatory body scans on every domestic polite in the united states and
to the united states. meanwhile in yemen, several other countries restricted public access to their embassies today joining the united states and britain. in tonight's lead focus, we have more on the situation in yemen from our german partner. >> reporter: cement barriers block access to the u.s. embassy which has been closed indefinitely. u.s. national security adviser john brennan said the closure was a response to threats from al qaeda. >> i looked at the intelligence that's available as far as the plans for al qaeda to carry out attacks, possibly against our embassy, possibly against u.s. personnel. decided it was the prudent thing to do to shut the embassy but we're working very closely with the yemeni authority to address the threat that's out there. it just demonstrates that al qaeda is determined to carry out these attacks and we're determined to thwart those attacks. >> reporter: yemen is one of the poorest and most politically unstable coue middle east. in recent years, it has become a breeding ground for terrorists. u.s. officials believe they were behind the failed attempt to brin
focus by the united states on the problems of terrorism and in giving assistance to the government of yemen and following 2003 when there was a sense that al qaeda had been defeat indeed yemen, much of that dropped off. the amount 06 attention, the amount of resources that we gave to yemen dropped off significantly. and since 2006, with the reconstitution of al qaeda in yemen, only platedly has the united states sort of focused again on the problem there and of course the reason why we're talking about it this morning is because omar farooq aomar that took took omar farooq kathwari was coming from yemen. caller: my question is how long have we been with this war against yemen? i mean, i don't mean to go to a conspiracy theory but i read in ha general petraeus and another went down there so when tough head of arms services committee go to yemen, they are not just going to see if it's -- >> well, i wouldn't characterize it at all as a war in yemen. and senator mccain is my former boss. i worked for him for 5 1/2 years on foreign policy and so i can state categorically what was on his
starts now. >>> we're supposed to be seeing new procedures for folks flying to the united states. but are airports following the rules? tonight checking on your security situation. and why your treatment will depend not only on where you're from, but where you've been. but following a green beret as he goes off to war. >> i feel more nervous more for her and the kids. >> tonight one man's mission and the impact on those left behind. and a tremendous accomplishment. teams finally unveil the tallest structure that man has ever created. today a deadly shootout inside a federal building in las vegas. investigators say a man wearing black walked into the lobby of a federal courthouse, pulled out a shotgun from his jacket and opened fire. all of the video from that incident in just a moment. seven u.s. marshalls and security officers later responded with a hail of bullets. one court officer is dead tonight. a deputy u.s. marshal is in the hospital tonight and the gunman was shot and killed. so why did he do it? now we've learned he was upset because he lost a lawsuit. more on the motiv
in the history of the united states in the last administration after we got hit on 9/11, we had to form the department of homeland security because all of these agencies -- the cia, the fbi, the national security agency, local law enforcement, nobody could talk to one another. so here we are. did that work? did that really work or was this just the due diligence of american bureaucracy just not working? what happened here? oh, but we got to pin it on obama. we can't wait to pin it on him because he's weak on terror. you know, when this is all washed out, we are going to find out -- and we'll dig out the sound bites because they're in the archive. i remember joe lieberman, oh, we just have to have the rearrangement of government so we can protect america. i remember all that. i remember dick cheney coming out and saying that we have to do this because we're going to get hit again, that we just -- well, can we just say this? we kind of got lucky on christmas day, that there were some people that got after it and it was a failed attempt? but we knew about the red flags, we had the intel, i
started talking about a stimulus package in the united states that was coupled -- and i stress this point -- that was coupled with an indication of how we are going to deal with the united states' medium term budget problems. we will see the largest buildup in peacetime public debt. how we deal with that is critical. i was talking about an "l" shaped recovery, i was not really focusing on the downside risks that i see. i would say some of them have been mentioned and have a very good chance of materializing in 200010. -- in 2010. the middle of 2010 is the short term. the long term is beyond 2010. the full risks that i would indicate -- the four risks that i would indicate, and i would put them in the order of the way i worry about them. the first is the situation in europe. philip correctly mentioned parallels with the convertibility plan. these countries really have to be dealing with budget deficits that are in double digits in the middle of a recession without having an exchange rate mechanism or independent monetary policy to deal with it. that is a risk. that is a train wreck waiting
him into the united states and britain. so this is the kind of threat where it's maybe an individual now rather than in one particular cell that al qaeda can utilize in this type of aircraft attack. >> there's still a lot of unfinished work today-to-do for the obama administration in reforming the way intelligence is shared inside the u.s. bureaucracy for looking at the problem of signal to noise in the system, wrefb information is shared, how do you distinguish reliable and important information from false reporting and misleading reporting. there's... anyone who works in the system who deals with threat reporting testifies that there is an enormous amount of noise in the system. and even if you share the noise, that doesn't actually create the clarity you need to act against real threats. >> yemen is a country's in great chaos at the moment. there's a civil war in the north draining off a lot of military resources at the moment. there's a separate insurgency which is increasingly violent in the south. the government is running out of money as it loses oil exports and so i think wha
-terror strategy. am i wrong? >> i think it's deeper than that. the united states has a problem. if this was a political matter, then you could have one level of concern. but the fact is that we are in a war, our enemies are clever enough to take haggai nearian, train him in yemen, ship him through amsterdam. our bureaucracy is so lacking in focus that even when this guy's father called the american embassy and warned us specifically about his son, we couldn't find a way to stop him and frankly issue the white house advisor yesterday made no sense when he said there was no smoking gun. we don't have to approve the visa or the flight of every foreigner who wants to come here. the burden of proof ought to be on that person. if somebody's father calls and says, my son has gone radical. i think he may be in a training camp. i think that ought to be a high hurdle for that person to get a visa to the united states or be allowed to fly into this country. >> you know the bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's just never going to be entirely perfect. and this flight emanating in t
. >>> the president of the united states getting ready to address the nation from the white house. as soon as he goes to the microphone, you'll hear what he has to say on the failed terror attack in detroit, outside detroit on christmas day. we'll go there live, you'll hear everything. in the meantime, let's check in with jack cafferty. he has today's "cafferty file." >> some say it's past time to begin profiling passengers. the u.s. is demanding better koreaning from places like iran, pakistan, saudi arabia, yemen, the usual suspects. the screening is to include things like full body scans, patdowns, searches of carry-on bags, and explosive detection technology. from the school of common sense comes the idea it makes sense to more thoroughly screen passengers who come from cunning where they may have been exposed to radical islamic teaching, but improved technology isn't the answer. the head of security for el al, says we need better questioning of passengers. he suggests hiring well-educated, highly trained agents, who know what to look for. he says profiling isn't about single out certain ethnic g
and ally to united states and the partnership between our countries is -- a new beginning, based on mutual respect and mutual interest that the president called for in cairo. we will discuss how to deepen and broaden our partnership. among the matters that we consulted on -- the situation in yemen is a top concern. how can we work together and with others to stabilize yemen? assist in securing its borders and providing for its people in combating al qaeda? the instability in yemen is a threat to regional and global stability. and we are working with qatar and others to think of the best way forward to duck -- to try to deal with the security concerns. certainly, we know that this is a difficult set of challenges but they have to be addressed. i also thank the prime minister for their efforts to facilitate an end to the crisis in darfur and to promote security and stability in the broader middle east as well as africa. we both have a shared, mutual interest in moving towards a comprehensive peace between israelis and palestinians. we share the goal of an amendment -- an independent and viab
security today but are other countries blowing off new safety measures mandated by the united states? >>> the recent blast of cold weather not just needing an extra jacket or so but led to a bumpy commute around town. we are on pothole pat local and emergency repairs that could impact your ride. fox 5 morning news continues ght now at 6:00. >> thank you for staying with us. it is 6:00 on this tuesday morning, january 5th. a live look at our nation's capitalrom tower cam. it is cold out there. good morning, i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we do have one school delay to pass along this morning out in western maryland. garrett county schools or a two- hour delay today. they will be opening a little bit later in garrett county this morning. >> and also bishop ireton school in alexandria is closed today. they don't have any water or heat. cold again today. >> more cold. we've got a cold start to the day. temperatures in the 20s. the difference between this morning and yesterday morning, we see some snow here and there. light snow, nothing to worry about but a few snow showers.
at the united states and there's a lot of evidence that employment has been cut their rapidly and more significantly men in some sense warranted by demand. and this is reflected and so has investments in inventories it's that iraq and this is reflected much better than expected earnings of nonfinancial corporate, by the way not just in the united states but in europe as well in the course of a 2009. and a strong provincial position. this suggests to me that along with many others i expect a turn in the employment picture. especially given the latest numbers coming from the p.m. i, that suggest that we are still on a strong expansion path. the other two factors that i will point to one which go beyond deferring them souse, are in the order of importance i would say policies remain supportive in 2010. a large part of the stimulus package is still to be spent supporting to the omb. i think it's only about a third of the stimulus money has been spent in this country. financial support of the banking system remains. i'm actually encouraged by the fact that the largest banks in the united st
a visa to the united states. >> okay. >> or be allowed to fly into the country. >> you know bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's never going to be person. this flight in the negligenter lands and the way they do things is different than the way we do things. now, this overreaction. they're padding down everybody chbl the question is in your opinion, are we safe? i mean, are these people going to be able to get through the shield and has the obama administration weakened our defenses against al qaeda? >> we're not safe. we're in much greater danger than a year ago. it's not just bush versus obama. north koreans had an additional year to build nuclear weapons and missles. iranians had a year to develop nuclear weapons and to keep paying for terrorists. al qaeda had an additional year and two of the top four people in al qaeda in yemen were released from guantanamo bay. obama administration continues to release terrorists back into the world. >> bush did that. bush released those two guys. >> then, he was wrong and the state department was wrong and initial releases. we now have p
has and most importantly visas that will get h into the unite states a britain. so this ishe kind ofhreat whe it's maybe individual now rather than inne particularcell th al qaeda cantilize in ts type of aircft attack. >> there's still a lot of unfinishedork today-to-do for the oba administration in reforming the w intelligence is shared inside the u.s. bureaucracy for loong at the probm of signal to noise in the syst, wrefb information is shared, howo you distinguish reliable and important informatio from fae reporting and misleading reporting. ere's... anyone who works in e system who dls with that reporting testifies that there is an enormous amount of noise in the system. and even if you share the noi, that doesn't actually create the clarity you need to act against real threats. >> yemen is a country's inreat chaos at t moment. there's a civil wa in the north draining off a l ofmilitary resources at e moment. there's a separate surgency which increasgly violent in the uth. the govement is running o of moneas it loses oi export and so i think what the u.s. needs to do is rea
sought to strike, not only american targets in yemen, but the united states, itself. >> the president made it clear where the fault lies for the failed attack on christmas day. >> this was not a failure to collect intelligence. it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. >> reporter: today's meeting comes as the administration finds itself on the defensive about how it initially handled the incident. >> sadly, the president is judged more on his public relations than on his governing. >> reporter: the challenge for the administration is clear -- >> terrorists only have to be lucky or successful once. we have to be successful every single time. that is an incredibly high standard, but one we should aspire to. >> reporter: and the president indicated just that. >> the margin for error is slim. the consequences of failure can be catastrophic. >> reporter: brian, the president also confirmed publically that the united states would no longer release any guantanamo bay detainees of yemeni descent back to their home country. guantanamo bay may not shut
. at least two al-qaeda militants wereilled in theperation. he dend the united states was involved in any w. ou corresndent is the. >> that is because the u.s. embassy has reopened, the crisis is not necessarily ov. far from it. yemen has lot of probls, apart from al-eda. the is a longstandg tribal war in theorth of the country which saudi are read yet -- sai arabia ha bcome involved. in the south, there's a shortage of water. oil is runni out. e american and allied rponse to whahas been going on here -- predent obama has to work out whether what he doesis going to make things bett or worse. there arelenty of people, a divers range of analysts, who wod say a heavyanded milita response will push people furer towards aqaeda. coming up with the best policy prescription is now is goingo be a real challenge. >> as w hrd a littlearlier, addi to president obama's ute concerns about security, thevelation of the suici bomb that killed seven cia workers was aordanian al-qaeda double agent. we've been following delopments from the jordanian capital. >> the reaction is spt between fficial and word on e
the world, in britain and the united states as well. jon. jon: these reports of prisoners getting out of gitmo and going back to yemen to fight, what can you tell us about that? >> well, on very many levels, it's concerning. it's concerning, as i said, for nearby saudi arabia, because some of the gitmo detainees have been released , have gotten into yemen, and then they may be released to saudi arabia, gone into yemen and gone back to saudi, one tried to detonate an explosive device right next to one of the saudi princes recently, but we are hearing about a dozen of the former guantanamo detainees are actively involved now, at a rather high level, in this al-qaeda -- in al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the affiliate the based in yemen. we also are hearing reports of a high recidivism rate, 14 percent from those released from guantanamo get back into terrorism in some way and the biggest concern is what's due for the 91 yemenis released from guantanamo bay, what will become of them, what should become of them, so it's a pretty massive concern and neighboring somalia, the group al-sha
on the national mall where the president of the united states, of course, would be taking the oath of office on january 20th and addressing the world with his inaugural address. they took it quite seriously in the last 48 to 72 hours before the inauguration. increasingly they were picking up signs that made them feel like this was a serious and possible threat. they met repeatedly with each other. old team, the bush team, the new team, the obama team, during this transition period in order to figure out what to do about it. it was a moment of quiet tension there for a new president who was just about to take office. >> i understand president obama canceled a rehearsal of the inauguration. when was the president actually briefed? do you know what his reaction was. >> caller: he was kept up to date in the few days leading up to the inauguration. there was one moment in particular we write about in the magazine, the night before the inauguration, his counterterrorism adviser john brennan and a couple foreign policy advisers jump into the limousine with him as he's heading off to an inaugural ev
into the united states from these 1 specific countries concern will improve our security? >> well,hat they're dng essentially is profiling. and profiling is a tric thin if not done correctly. beuse as anyecurity expert will tell you, routine is weakness. once a pontial pertrator ows what you're lookg for, it becomes easier to skirt th system. havingaid th, i think that some form of profilingis denitely a better technique than what we'v had up to this int. at least in e u.s., whi is a philosophy that, ahilosophy at says every passenger from an infant child to an elderly 95-year-old person in a wheelchair to a fully credential crew member is seen as a potential terrorist. >> you're sayingeally that there are someig holes in the system. let's take an exame, for instance. richard reid, the shoe bomber was from england and he would not have been spped underthesens go, would he? >> no. there e what? 200 countes around the rld. what happens if the next attack or attempted attack mes from maysia or canada? but let m say this. what i he comes fm this chrimas day event is that tsa steps backnde-evaluates i
statements relative to the united states' position on the issue with the bombing and additional security that is takiki place right now at airports around the world. as you know, from have been increased security measures put in place at airports for people entering the united states, including patdowns, additional screenings and some cases they are hand checking luggage and going through every, single item that's inside a piece of luggage before allowing it to be put on board an therapy is inbound for the united states. the president, of course, was in hawaii at the time of this bombing, the attempted bombing of the flight that arrived in detroit, michigan a couple of weeks ago, and he has made strong statements in terms of what happened and why it happened. a lot of finger pointing has been going on for the past week or so over who is responsible for allowing this passenger to get on board with explosives in his underwear. you'll recall a gentleman from africa was on his way to the united states and attempted to ignite a substance packed in his clothing. people on board the flight wres
, japan, britain and the united states shutter their embassies citing terrorist threats. >> u.s. officials tell cnn eight al qaeda suspects were planning to bomb the embassy. we're told yemeni forced killed three and captured one more wearing a suicide vest, but four other suspected terrorists remain at large. >> we see global implications from the war in yemen and the ongoing efforts by al qaeda in yemen. >> we're told that 200 to 300 al qaeda are living in yemen, but when we asked people today about how they feel about al qaeda taking root. >> we hate al qaeda. >> they had all hear that terror suspect umar farouk abdulmutallab studied arabic here. the school's director now believes that abdulmutallab used arabic studies as a cover. >> he was the top in the class. >> officials complain that identifying would-be terrorists among students is nearly impossible here, because the government can't compete with al qaeda. >> we're going to have a whole lot more tonight on the terrorist threat in yemen. we'll bring you a special investigation into the radical cleric hiding out in yemen who could b
call within the united states. the number is 877-742-5751. we will be right back. so many arthritis pain relievers -- i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. chptse aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day. who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way. intuit quickbooks online p9 organizes your business in one place, and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. get a 30-day free trial at >>> welcome back. i'm rick sanchez here in the world headquarters of cnn. i told you from the start that this is a story that would not go away and now there is some very bad news for gilbert arenas of the washington wizards. the website tmz is reporting it is not one gun that arenas had in his locker and not one gun or two guns or three guns, but four guns. including one that is d
. to transform -- this is what they learned with the united states and the league of nations. you have can't have a long debate. this is what they did with the league of nations. they let people debate. no, no, no. you have can't have a debate. you also can't tell everybody your plan. you have to have it secret. got it. nancy pelosi i mean and the secret meetings today and no debate on global warming. it's over. then the third thing they learned never let a good crisis go to waste. well, as we discuss all of these things i want you to keep watching tonight with your eyes. you will see what i'm going to lay out for you tonight. people trying to collapse our economy. but remember, progressives see this as a fundamental transformation. something better than we've already had. as promised, by president barack obama. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> glenn: all right. so let me introduce you to the people who you would say are fundamentally responsible for unsustainability and possible collapse of the economic system. two people. cloward and fran
>> but that's about method and to personally attack the president of the united states, it looks like he's rooting against obama, rooting against the sitting president who is commander in chief. we have top understand that the vice president of the united states told a big fat lie. he's not telling the truth. he's emboldening the terrorist. i know that's a serious charge but look at what he's doing. he's saying that our president is weak, letting down our guard. a talk show host, fine, say anything you want. >> former vice president you don't say that. that emboldens terrorist. >> what's the proper move to hand they will if you're in the white house? what do you do to fight this sfwhak. >> i think the proper move is to absolutely call dick cheney on every lie. barack obama has done more in pakistan, stepping up the fight in yemen, since then doubled the support for yemen and trying to get rid of the unnecessary aggravation by closing down gitmo. the president is being irresponsible. >> gentlemen, good to have your take on this tonight. appreciate your time again. i've asked the a
in making the decides united states and in fact the world safer. >> guest: the president since he came to office has been trying to sound that theme. he traveled overseas, trying to, at least, at least make, make the words that come out of the president be about more cooperation and so on. and i think he is going to try to incorporate this theme, which is, you know, the concern about terrorism and, perhaps something that, has been gone into the background, under his presidency, until now. he is going to try to merge those two things and you will probably hear him talk about cooperation overseas to help make everybody safe. >> host: let's go to the phones. our first call comes from jacksonville, florida. william on our line for independents. good morning. >> caller: good morning, sir. good to see you. i like you. you're pretty informative. hello? >> host: go ahead, william. >> caller: yes, sir. how do we fight an enemy that don't wear no uniform, number one, the terrorists? that is the crazy thing i ever see. can nobody speak the language over there? can nobody go to yemen or afghanista
. some of them got trained here in the united states. so you don't declare war against these countries and say that we have to go in and start bombing pakistan and bombing afghanistan and bombing yemen. they happen to be there. that's true. but they're there because we stimulate them. we follow them to the hands of osama bin laden by us going there and causing people to get some angry, it helps his recruiting efforts. he's written about this. he has said this. he says i want the americans to go over here and bankrupt their country and besides, it will help myr recruiting efforts. >> larry: tomorrow night mike he kel chertoff will be with us. will it shift attention away from health care he reform and other issues? we'll talk about that after the break. than a comparable honda civic. this chevy traverse has better mileage than honda pilot. the all-new chevy equinox has better mileage than honda cr-v. and chevy malibu has better mileage than accord. however, honda does make something that we just can't compete with. it's self propelled. chevy. compare us to anyone and may the best car wi
the president of trying to pretend the united states is not at war with terrorists. deputy national security adviser john brennan countered cheney's comments during a series of sunday talk shows. watch. >> either the vice president is willfully mischaracterizing this president's position in terms of language he uses and actions he's taken or he's ignorant of the facts. in neither case, it doesn't speak well of what the vice president is doing. the clear evidence is this president has been very, very strong. in his inaugural address he said we're at war with this internal group of terrorists. >> larry: congressman paul, what about about it? he's in your party. what about dick cheney's complaints? >> well, i think he had his eight years, and he's caused a lot of trouble for our country and perpetuated a war in iraq unnecessary and wrong-headed. i would say it would be best he not be so critical right now. but i'm still not only critical of that policy, i think the policy remains the same, and we've hear it on the show tonight already. they are on attack and declared war against us, and it's al
-participation. >> the latino population is the fastest growing in the united states. we'll show you just how fast growing. another part of the census bureau tracking families. some people have forwarding addresses but they know how to track people down with friends and relatives to make sure everyone in the household is counted. >> that isn't comforting to know they know how to track people down. there's a lot of fear in this. >> there's fear among the latino population with the census. you would never answer the door, honestly, and answer these questions. the census bureau working really hard on this marketing campaign which has $100 million of stimulus money in it, by the way, to make sure that people know this is something you have to do. this is important to measure how many people are in this country, where they live, and federal funding, house seats, a lot depends on this. it's all private information. ten minutes, ten questions -- >> may i touch it? >> yes, you may. there are five different languages. john is making fun of me because i'm such a population geek. we'll be able to see how they're mov
has and most importantly visas that will get him into the united states and britain. so this is t kind of teat wher it's maybe an individual now rather than in o particular ll thatl qaeda can ulize in thi type of aircra attack. there's still a lot of unfinished wk today-to-do for the obamadministration in reforming the way intelligence is sharednside the u.s. bureaucracy for looki at the probleof signal to noise in the system wrefb information is shared, how d youistinguish reliable and important information from fals reporting andisleading reporting. the's... anyone who works in thsystem who dea with thre reporting testifies that there is an enormous amount of noise in the system. d even if you share the noise, that doesn't actuallyreate the clarity you need to actgainst real threats. >> yemen is a country's in gat chaos at theoment. there's a civil war in thenorth draining off a lot of litary resources at thmoment. there's aeparate inrgency which is increasiny violent in the soh. the governnt is running out of money it loses oil exports and so ithink what the u.s. needs to do is rea
of the united states government, but ultimately not analyzed correctly and was not put in a place where this person would have ended up on a no-fly list. the president is angry about that and wants these intelligence and homeland security officials to do better. i think that's the tone we'll hear from the president today. >> savannah, to that point, we just had a heated conversation with a republican strategist who agrees with dick cheney and michael steele saying this administration and the democrats have been soft on terror. might we hear some agregression from the president meeting those critics advising john brennan over the weekend shows? >> reporter: i don't know if he'll take that on in this speech. for everything i've heard about this statement, is that it will be focused really on what happened on christmas day, and not on this larger issue. behind the scenes, the administration's been pretty aggressive pushing back on that criticism by cheney, that somehow they're soft on the war on terror or don't know we're at war, as the former vice president allege. they point out, of cour
states. the only person tried in the united states for a role in the september 11th attacks will stay in prison. a federal court has denied the appeal of zacarias moussaoui. he claimed that prosecutors withheld potentially helpful evidence during his trial and he was restricted in choosing his own counsel. >>> defense giant northrop grumman says it will move its corporate office from l.a. here to the washington area. the company wants to be closer to key government customers. it is looking if a location in d.c., maryland or virginia and hopes to identify one by spring. they make military planes, missiles, ships and other equipment. >>> gilbert arenas has admitted to having unloaded gun in the team's locker room. he in a statement, he says >>> potholes have started to pop up everywhere and bitter cold is to blame. emergency repairs will definitely inconvenience drivers on parts of the beltway. wisdom mart unis on pothole patrol. >> reporter: it is that time of year again. potholes are starting to pop up everywhere and drivers are trying to maneuver around the big bumps in the road. >>
into the united states. so, these are all some of the issues that will be the focus today, but certainly the president not very happy about how the intelligence was gathered and handled in this case. and he wants to get to the bottom of it to make sure that something like this does not happen again, kyra. >> all right, dan lothian, thanks so much. >>> and don't forget president obama talks airline security, 4:00 p.m. eastern, you'll see him live right here at cnn. >>> at this hour, at google's headquarters, the company is unveiling the nexus one, aka, the google phone. details have been popping up on the web for weeks, raising big expectations and some pretty big questions. your company actually mentioned the word "underwhelming." we've got that word. but the head lines here, the google phone cometh, it's like the second coming of christ. >> we have this sort of hyperbolic reaction in the run-up to the iphone and since the iphone we've been waiting for a second coming of sorts. google has put its operating system in a number of handsets. this is the first time it's taken sort of an activ
for airline passengers coming into the united states from overseas, not every country apparently is onboard with it. some say they have to review the new measures before putting them in effect. nbc's tom aspell joins us now from london. tom, give us more specifics on which countries are wanting to review this and what are their specific concerns? >> airports all over europe stepped up security on flights to the united states. primarily with pat-down body searches. passengers boarding flights in sear yeah, leb zmon libya say there has been no real increase in security. now, airports around the world are considering ways to introduce body scanning machines to check passengers for explosive devices or weapons. there are privacy issues. the machine will somehow have to comply with local laws protecting images of children, for example. one or two countries on the list of 14 nations signaled out for special checks are complaining. saudi arabia and algeria and pakistan all say that it is an insult for their nationals to be on under suspicion. it is unclear what measures the united states will take
, and he was working for them and the united states. it killed seven cia operatives and a jordanian military officer. by all accounts the u.s. and the jordanians thought this man was a trusted agent, because in the past he had given them valuable information that they thought was verified and accurate. but looking at his identity, this man whose name is al-awlaki came from the same place as zarqawi. >> the u.s. must have trusted him because they did not search him at all, and i imagine a lot of that sort of investigation or relationship was built-up even before with the jordanians. i know king abdullah is of course a u.s. ally in the middle east. could this have an impact between the u.s. and jordon? >> the jordanians don't speak about it publicly, but king abdullah and the jordanian government for years helped the united states covertly on the war on terror. they thought the man had information about zawahri, bin laden's number two man. and jordon is a valuable ally to the u.s. this puts king abdullah in a position. he is helping with all of this. but on the other hand he is well t
the united states of america. i am an independent, i do not vote one way or another, i vote according to a person. i do believe that this president has an agenda to bankrupt this country. i believe the debt that is his plan. the people keep saying that republicans have not put forth anything. to say, of argument here, what about selling insurance across state lines? they brought that up. what about court reform? they brought that up. toward reform alone, if you take in the amount of -- what about tort reform? they brought that up. tort reform alone, if you take in that amount, it alone would be $25 billion per year. when you come out of the health care money is. there are a lot of things that the republicans have put forward that would help this situation. host: thank you for the call. in "the washington post" this morning the white house called for more broadband access to increase competition. these comments written in his letter to the federal communications commission, "the current technology policy arm is not competitive enough and wireless internet access could serve as a afford
innocent men, women and children must know that the united states will do more than simply strengthen our defenses. we will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, to dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us, whether they're from afghanistan or pakistan, yemen, or somalia. or anywhere, where they are plotting attacks against the u.s. homeland. >> john brennan, a civil servant the other day, risked his life over in saudi arabia, michael. coming out and saying the president he works with every day shows tremendous zeal in trying to track down the enemy and fight the al qaeda we're fighting. he said so many times. what gets to me is dick cheney has attacked the president for wanting to try this guy in court and letting him have a lawyer. when that's exactly what the bush administration did with the shoe bomber. they allowed him to lawyer up, if you will. and now they're attacking obama for doing the identical thing. >> i think that the complaint that cheney raised in that incident, former vice president cheney, because i do respect the man. again, t
links to the western world, particularly the united states, but israel as well. that is not popular amongst the population and certainly not among the wider arab world as well. an incident like this exposes the close ties between jordanians' spy agency and the cia. those ties go back a long way but have been particularly close since the 2001 twin tower attack. since then, jordan has become a key ally along with the united states, helping to break into militant groups into iraq -- in iraq and more recently in afghanistan and in yemen as well. but jordan does not want its own population to know much about that. it does not want the wider arab world to know about it. that is the word on the street -- broad support for attacks on american cia officials, and that is where we see jordan split. >> you are watching "bbc world news." let's go back to washington. this is the scene live in the grand foyer. our main story, that president obama is meeting with top intelligence and security officials. we expect the president to speak in the next few moments. as we wait for him to leave that meeti
the united states that the suicide bomber who killed eight people inside a cia base in afghanistan was an outside agent who did pretend he had been turned to work for the u.s. reports say the bomber was arrested and recruited by jordanian intelligence who then passed them on to the cia. for more details on this astoundinstory i enjoyed by our curity correspondent. no one seems to argue the fact that he was a double agent. >> it is coming from a number of sources, including g. hottest -- jihadist forums have been talking about it. the consensus is building behind is a remarkable story, which is quite different from what we've heard from the start, someone with an afghan military uniform. now it appears this was a jordanian who was arrested in jordan and to the jordanians thought they had turned and got to work for them to infiltrate al qae, and had been sent to afghanistan to infiltrate the highest reaches but in fact had still been working for al qaeda. >> how embarrassing is this for the jordanians? >> it is potentially quite awkward originally because they -- because they origina
into affect here today for the flights and the united states. in 14 countries like pakistan. and passengers, they are now subjected to the full patdowns, the body scans, and hand checks of their luggage. all in reaction to that attempted terror attack on christmas day when the man tried to blow up the plane when it landed in detroit with the explosive chemicals that they have hidden in the underwear. >> and they put that full body s√°erpbl. they went through the meadow detectors. and the security, that seemed to be, well, more than what they needed to do. and more than i'm used to. >> and in those 14 countries being asked to check the security, other security risks by the united states because of the potential ties to terrorists. >>> a federal appeals court in virginia is rejecting all of them and their appeal. the only person to stand trial in the september 11 attacks, claiming he was denying for the potentially helpful evidence. serving a life sentence for helping to plan the terror attacks. >>> for the second day in a row, the u.s. embassy is closed in yemen. crashes just north of the ma
somali extremists were planning on coming to the united states and detonating explosives while president obama took the oath of office. well, it turns out they were all rumors based on some false reports. >> all right, whit johnson in washington. whit, thanks. >>> the secret service now says there was a third gate crasher at that white house state dinner in november. he's identified as carlos allen by the "washington post." a party promoter in washington. like tareq and mikhail a la hey, he got into the affair without being on the guest list, he was with a group of indian business leaders brought to the affair by the state department. >> there was a group that was under our responsibility that went from a local hotel to the bho white house and there was a person not authorized to be in that group who encertificated hems or her self into that group. >> allen unlike sat la salahis never got close to the 3rd. >>> turning to the bitter cold. the deep freeze extends from the southeast to the midwest and is expected to last the rest of the week. the at least one death is blamed on the unusuall
an action against the united states for this unfair treatment, i think remains to be seen. i think what everybody is hoping, including a lot of democrats is this goes away in the conference committee. >> greta: there are a number of state attorney generals who signed on besides yourself. i was liking through the list one of the names isn't on there is the attorney general for the state of nebraska. i assumed he was a democrat. he's a republican. did you call him and ask him what he thought about his state getting this? >> i do know that some of the republican a g's talked to him and i think he's kind of keeping quiet. i think he's also hoping the city going away. i can't imagine anybody wanting to look at the voters of the other states at least, in the eye and say it is okay nebraska gets this deal and rest of us done. but i can't speak for nebraska. >> greta: did you fan democratic ag's to go along with you did you talk to any democratic a g's and what was the response? >> i talked to one off-the-record, if you will. he's hoping that this is going away. they won't have to deal with it
of the united states government but still eight years after 9/11, the dots weren't connected. the puzzle pieces were there, but the intelligence agencies failed to put that puzzle together. that is what really has made the president angry and the reason he wants to see some changes. >> savannah, while you were talking we saw an aide from the white house press office bring the binder with the president's planned remarks out to the lectern. here comes the president through the center entrance of the blue room of the white house. >> good afternoon, everybody. i just concluded a meeting with members of my national security team including those from our intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement agencies involved in the security reviews that i ordered after the failed attack on christmas day. i called these leaders to the white house because we face a challenge of the utmost urgency. as we saw on christmas, al qaeda and its extremist allies will stop at nothing in their efforts to kill americans. were determined not only to thwart those plans but to disrupt, dismantle and defeat their nedwo
. we were not necessarily holding out the united states as a model, nor were we saying the united states has done everything wrong and you should not do what we do. so the implementation issues are what seem to be striking a lot of questions with them, and they were very interested to learn more about how would we in this country implement some of the programs and how some of the problems were identified. >> audience questions? the man in the blue-ma'am, in the blue coat? we have a microphone, over. >> this to answer your question that you would just getting at -- what we have seen in the discussion with different countries, i have seen three sort of reactions orq differences. the first one is values, the second one is implementation. the third is influence. values -- there is a difference between the u.s. in perceptions of fairness and why are people pour? in the u.s., where you have a bottle of individual effort and the focus on work, about 2/3 of the population, according to these surveys, believe that the poor are poor because they are essentially lazy, that they are not makin
in what he calls a time of war, where is dick cheney's loyalty to the president of the united states? no matter that president's party or name. and the other unas ked question about flight 253. why did the bomber leave the bathroom where no kwoone could e stopped him to return to his seat where everyone did stop him? ora lee tates limbaugh. >> based on what happened to me here i don't think there is one thing wrong with the american health care system. >> even though again they evidently failed to pull his head out of his back side. and fox news drops the pretense tiger woods can be forgiven but only if he renounces his religion. >> my message to tiger would be, turn to the christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world. >> an organization proselytizing, trying to force others to convert to its faith alone, you know, just like islamic extremists. all the news and tonight's first two quick comments now on "countdown." >> kind of a senior moment there. good evening from new york. after an all too brief pause in their toefrts turn a 23-year-old los
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